2nd Quarter Numbers

Gross sells this quarter were a bit off, but then the whole market is off. Avalon still was able to remain in the top 15 publishers on One Book, which makes us one of the top publishers in the field. We increased our RPG gross this quarter by about 10%, which of course ate into all the other categories. Of interest is the Port Nova imprint. They had a good quarter and added up to about 25% of our gross this month. As we can all see the imprints as a whole are doing well and have taken on a larger portion of the gross this quarter, again for the most part because of Port Nova’s successful release of a D6 sci-fi system.

Infinite Futures continues to be a workhorse for us, making up about 21% of the gross this quarter, not too bad for a single system.

All in all not too bad. At this point we have passed last year’s total gross, so we are up and above where we need to be. At this rate we should hit our year-end goals.


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