Market Report Part 2

Part 2

Now that you understand why I think print is the wrong way to go, let’s see what we have to do in e-publishing to make a go of it. William and I have been at this for a while. To be honest, and this seems a bit weird, but with a combined ten or more years in the business of e-publishing, we are the old men in the field. We have both seen the market grow, change and expand. We also both know what works. Product sells product. You have heard me say it over and over, and it’s true.

One of the main reasons Avalon has done so well is the two of us knew right off that having a large catalog would generate more sales. From the very beginning we both knew that the more products you can offer, the better chance you have of generating a sale. If a customer comes by our product line (Which in itself is the hardest thing to accomplish.), then with a large catalog we have a better chance of having a product the customer might like. Land the fish once creates the possibility of landing them twice. Get them to buy three times or more and you have created a return customer and the possibility of creating a fan. More on that later.

Many e-publishers out there don’t have enough product and this is why they only make a few hundred sales a year. William and I made it a primary goal, and it’s still our main objective – to find more products to offer, either our own, or imprints from other folks’ catalogs.

Are we ever going to win awards for our stuff? Probably not. Do we often have product in the top 100 sold each month? Seldom. Do we outsell 97% of the publishers out there? Yes, and often by a wide margin. Why? Because we have a catalog that’s big enough to attract new customers and diverse enough to bring them back for more.

Does that mean we want to put out poor products or worthless crap? No, of course not. We try to the best of our ability to put out the best stuff we can afford. Can we do better? Sure, and we have made it a goal this year to improve our production values. It’s a point of pride to put out a nice product, and we are still trying to meet that goal.

Avalon has tripled its catalog offerings in the past twelve months and will increase that number as the year goes on. While I can’t give hard numbers on this, I can say with some confidence that we have the third largest catalog out there, right behind While Wolf and Steve Jackson Games. I don’t know anyone who comes close after that.

So that’s how it goes in the e-biz, make a lot of it, sell it for a good price and you will do well.


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