Avalon Games August Preview

Hi everyone! Well it’s the time of the month when we showcase what is coming out soon. This month we have a lot of great games, so hold on to your hat.

First up we have the next installment of Airship. This fun game has been very popular and well received. If you have yet to try it, jump in! You’ll have a blast of a good time.

From there we have some new Arcana goodies with the next Journal. In this issue we explore the Deep Southern Grass Sea and the nasty ruins of the Necromancer Kings.

We are continuing our updates to older products this month with new editions of Space Armada, Conjurer and Alien Incursions. We also have a new conversion of Once Upon a Time to both the OpenD6 and Pathfinder systems.

New art this month includes Hollywood Horror and Counter sets. We also have the latest Clip Art Character and Clip Art Collection, so there’s bunches of images for you to find and use.

No month would be complete without new Avalon Pathfinder content. We have new Adventures, Encounters, Treasure and Magic issues for you, so get your Pathfinder game on with these inexpensive and easy to use supplements.

Speaking of great stuff, a new issue of Game Geek is here as well. It has a new spaghetti western character and other great goodies. Each issue grows in readership, so it might be time for you to hop on the bandwagon.

We also have a new How to book coming out this month and the first release of Chaos Trip Studio’s Altered Earth.

And that’ll do it for this month, as always have a great time and take a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.


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  1. August 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    […] Games has posted its August Preview, including the next installment of Airship, new Arcana items, new editions of Space Armada, […]

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