New Dark Dungeon on its way…

Dark Dungeon has always been one of our best selling games, and even after five year of being out there it sells a few copies every month. So with the new edited version of the game I took the time to u date the rules, streamline the whole thing and add a bit here and there. This version of the game will be better and what we will do is once I have all the expansions done, we will re-launch the game system and bring it to a whole new customers base as well as tap into the old one.

Some of the things we did for the new version.
Altered the counters so they fit the map tile
Moved to an Adventure Data Sheet where you just write down the character’s stats, gear etc. Less fiddly stuff that way.
Altered the Goblins Lair adventure to make it a bit less difficult.
New Lay out and a Print Friendly version of the rules and adventure.
Put all the gear, spells, monsters and character information into one book.


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