Nov Preview

Well, the year is beginning to wind down, but that does not mean that Avalon is slowing down. Nope, we of course have a ton of great games for you in November.

First up is the newest issue of Game Geek. Packed full of gaming goodness it’s a wonder we can offer it for free, but that’s the truth – it’s free. So get a copy right away.

Avalon will also be releasing the first of several Traveller products this month. For this initial offering we have the Far Avalon setting. The setting includes a series of star systems, space craft and background for a truly wonderful Sci-Fi game.

Up next we have a new installment for the All Purpose Miniatures Rules (APMR). This time around there are rules for mass combat. Using the same system for all variations of tabletop battles, APMR is a fabulously versatile game engine.

No month is complete, of course, without more Avalon Pathfinder. This month we have four new installments, one each for Adventures, Encounters, Magic and Treasure. Each one is ready to drop into your Pathfinder game, so get your copy of these as well as all the other great Avalon Pathfinder products.

Art is always a big thing around here with Avalon, and we have a bunch more for you this month. With new clip art characters, counter sets, and clip art products, there is so much new artwork that we can’t count the images offered this month!

We also have a great new Pathfinder product this month with the release of Animorph – a system and templates for playing animal-like races in your games. There is some gorgeous artwork, templates and systems in this product for you to gobble up. But chew slowly – this is the good stuff.

Ok that’s it for now, as always, have a seat at the round table of fun and play a game from Avalon.


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