Pathfinder Super Heroes

Avalon Games is in the process of working on a Pathfinder compatible super hero system. Heroes Weak Masks will be fully compatible system with Pathfinder, so if you are even passably familiar with this great game, then HWM will be no effort at all to jump into.

Avalon has reached the stage where we are looking for input on the system and its rules. Basically we want to make this the best game possible and so we of course are looking for the best gamers to have a look, kick the tires and tell us what we need to do, change and improve on so that you get the game you want.

With that in mind Avalon is opening the system up for review and comments, play testing and tinkering.

If you would like to become a part of the design discussion, then drop a line to our content director, Rob, at…

Avalon will then send you a copy of the system as it stands now, as well as a link to the forum we will be using for the discussion.

So this is your chance to get in at the bottom floor of this great game and to make you mark.

Avalon Games


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