Nov Preview

Well, the year is beginning to wind down, but that does not mean that Avalon is slowing down. Nope, we of course have a ton of great games for you in November.

First up is the newest issue of Game Geek. Packed full of gaming goodness it’s a wonder we can offer it for free, but that’s the truth – it’s free. So get a copy right away.

Avalon will also be releasing the first of several Traveller products this month. For this initial offering we have the Far Avalon setting. The setting includes a series of star systems, space craft and background for a truly wonderful Sci-Fi game.

Up next we have a new installment for the All Purpose Miniatures Rules (APMR). This time around there are rules for mass combat. Using the same system for all variations of tabletop battles, APMR is a fabulously versatile game engine.

No month is complete, of course, without more Avalon Pathfinder. This month we have four new installments, one each for Adventures, Encounters, Magic and Treasure. Each one is ready to drop into your Pathfinder game, so get your copy of these as well as all the other great Avalon Pathfinder products.

Art is always a big thing around here with Avalon, and we have a bunch more for you this month. With new clip art characters, counter sets, and clip art products, there is so much new artwork that we can’t count the images offered this month!

We also have a great new Pathfinder product this month with the release of Animorph – a system and templates for playing animal-like races in your games. There is some gorgeous artwork, templates and systems in this product for you to gobble up. But chew slowly – this is the good stuff.

Ok that’s it for now, as always, have a seat at the round table of fun and play a game from Avalon.


Working hard

Well we here at Avalon are woeking hard at all kinds of new stuff for next year.

Nova Blast
Heroes Wear Masks
Infinite Futures 2.0
Figure Flats
All New Avalon Pathfinder
and a whole lot more.

Oct Preview

As always we have a ton of great games for you, so get your gaming hat on, it’s time to have fun.

October will of course see a new issue of Game Geek. The readership of this great little e-zine has exploded over the last year and now reaches well over a thousand downloads each and every month. If you haven’t read it yet… what are you waiting for?

On the first of the month we release our All Purpose Miniature Rules – a great universal system for playing any sort of tabletop game. The first installment will cover the basic system and skirmish games, with later expansions looking at large scale combat, and other gaming genres and toys.

From there we move to the long awaited release of Quad. A simple, generic system for RPG games on the fly, we have been prepping this wonder for a while, and now it’s here. Considered one of the best little RPG systems out there, it had an enthusiatic following at Gencon. Now you can be one of the first to get the new edition.

No month is complete without more Arcana and Pathfinder goodies, so… We have four new Avalon Pathfinders for you and a new Journal for Arcana. Come on in, the water is fine. Arcana, for those of you who *gasp* have not yet checked it out, is a great RPG fantasy setting.

The art department this month is cranking out some new clip art characters, and fantasy fill art.

Well that’s it for now. As always, have a great time and have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.

New Dark Dungeon on its way…

Dark Dungeon has always been one of our best selling games, and even after five year of being out there it sells a few copies every month. So with the new edited version of the game I took the time to u date the rules, streamline the whole thing and add a bit here and there. This version of the game will be better and what we will do is once I have all the expansions done, we will re-launch the game system and bring it to a whole new customers base as well as tap into the old one.

Some of the things we did for the new version.
Altered the counters so they fit the map tile
Moved to an Adventure Data Sheet where you just write down the character’s stats, gear etc. Less fiddly stuff that way.
Altered the Goblins Lair adventure to make it a bit less difficult.
New Lay out and a Print Friendly version of the rules and adventure.
Put all the gear, spells, monsters and character information into one book.

2nd annual dollar day sale on the 17th

Yep its that time again, our annual dollar day sale will be held on the three One Book sites on the 17th (Saterday).

Everything will be set to $1.00, so now is the time to save your penny and get ready.

You can of course check out what we have to offer and make plans, Just go to this site…

Avalon Games Swag

You can now buy t-shirts and all sorts of other goodies with our great logo on it. Yep we are on Cafe Press now.

In the near futuer we will also be offering all sorts of other art images for use as clothing, bags and what not, so keep an eye out.

Check it put here…

Sept Preview

It’s that time of the month. No, not pay day. New stuff from Avalon Games! And, as usual, we have all sorts of good stuff.

First up, the latest issues of Game Geek and Infinite Horizons are out. These are both outstanding e-zines which have been generating a lot of good buzz.

From there we have a new S&G (Skirmish Games) genre set: Spaghetti Western. Take American western history, throw some spaghetti sauce on it and you have a rip-roaring time in the old west, Italian style.

We have more Arcana this month with Journal #28. There are continuing updates to older games with new versions of Conjurer and Alien Armada. And, of course, we have new counters and clip art to fill your graphical needs.

Our imprint partners have also been active with the release of Horror Show by Bedrock Games and Altered Earth by Chaos Trip Studios. These are both excellent games and well worth looking at.

No month would be complete without more Avalon Pathfinder – we have new issues of Adventures, Encounters, Magic and Treasures. And just in case you were wondering, we are currently getting next year’s issues all put together. So hold on tight, the ride ain’t over yet.

Well that’s it for now. As always have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.

New Tablet

As I have ben doing a lot of artwork on illustrator, I finally bought a tablet to use. We will see if it increaes my output or skill with this softwre.

The plan is to have all the heroes Inc characters redrawn using illustrator for use inH Heroes Wear Masks. We will also offer the images as figure flats for use in the game or on their own. I may do this with If characters as well.

Game Geek and Infinite Horizons

Avalon Games is happy to announce the release of its two great e-zines, Game Geek and Infinite Horizons.

Game Geek is a free, monthly game e-zine is full of great gaming goodness.

Infinite Horizons is also a free e-zine, this and every issue full of great Sci-Fi content. -aming, fiction, comics and non0fiction stuffed all into one great e-zine.

Both are now available for download.

Game Geek Issue #21

Infinite Horizons Issue #3…

Look for these and other wonderful gaming products all month long from Avalon Games

Houser in the house

We just hired Dan Houser to woek up some figure flats for us, there will be close to 70 when he gets done. All great looking super heroes for use in any super hero game or along side our up coming table top system, Super Brawl or later this year with Heroes Wear Masks RPG.

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